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Post  Rain on 2/21/2013, 11:56 pm

Looking back, I have done nothing. I have merely walked around with a dunce cap and flashing lights, painting myself into a corner. The last four years of my life, I have rocked in that corner and lied. In the face of the ridicule which I deserved, I told myself that I was worth something. I eventually found a way out; turning against the world, blindly. The lies condensed into an identity, known as Rain. This identity was strong, brave, and powerful. With this mask, I could face the music with what I thought was a fighting chance. Soon, I relied too much on this. If I were to try to remember everything I have ever done, there would be a black hole trying to take away any traces of myself. I have vanished and only left a mask. This mask only retains nothing but all of the individual mistakes that I have ever made. Now the ghost behind the mask is crying for a way back. A shell remains, frozen in fear. It marches through the day, nothing more. Any truth left dies in its throat; "I'm fine."

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