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Post  Maretothebear on 5/20/2011, 12:54 am

Questions about HOW to write.

1.How do I start a role play between me and other members?

Go thru the other players character galleries looking for a character of theirs you would like to write against. Ask the player if they'd be interested to write with you using the character you chose for them to play from their list. Discuss your own character and your chosen setting. Pick the category that fits and begin writing.

2.What is innappropriate to write about?

This site is geared for writers between 14-20. With that in mind keep a watch on obscene language or explicit content. DO NOT post entries where I find a step by step guide to sex-ed. I understand that some times the character is for example a street rat from LA and the language is a part of them. If that is the case I request you start the post with an [R].
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Safety & Sanity

1.What age group is this site geared for?

14- 18 years of age. (Older players may join but I ask you be an example of safe behavior.)

2.What is unacceptable?

This site is for writers from every coast and state. DO NOT discriminate openly against another member for any reason. If you have a problem with another member please contact staff. Bullying will get you banned without explanation or further warning.

3.Is this site safe?

As with every other site on the internet there is always a danger of other players not being what they say they are. I use a pen name and encourage other members to do so. Giving out personal information is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. I ask for responsible behavior to keep all my members safe.

General Questions (will be updated)

1.What is powerplaying and why shouldn't I do it?

power playing is basically playing for both characters in the story. I personally haven't written a fight scene into my stories but deciding the fate of your oponent is a tad rude if you have no permission so please don't do so.

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