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Full Name: Ember Midnight Siena McSkull
Age: 20 (Appearance) 217 (Real age)
Race: Sorceress, Cat, Demon
Sorceress Form: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Cat Form: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Demon Form: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Regular Form:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

History: It all started when i was a little girl. Moonstar was my mother, the only person i knew as my guardian.I was with my mother for the early childhood years of my life, going into my mid-teens. I trained along side her in the enchanted forests. As a young powerful Sorceress with uncontrollable Powers learning the ways of the elements and how to satisfy mother nature as well as myself. But one day when i was training, she disappeared. I was left alone in the forest with the clothes on my back and my experience. I walked alone in the world. I still trained but one day i made a mistake. I turned myself into a cat. I kept my human form, but i grew ears and a tale. My senses were cat-like, sensitive smell, hearing, and amazing eye sight. I figured a way to change myself to look normal again, but its only a way to shift from one form to another. I was still alone, but now working for my keep. I was out as a bounty hunter for minor things. I was walking alone in the forest when i was attacked. I was beatin' up and left for dead. A nice demon came along by the name of Thorfax. He did a blood fusion and yet gave me another form. He didnt know my already messed up charmed body. It just added to the things i can change into. I woke up in this demon form. Dark skin, Glowing eyes, Silver hair, with horns and wings. I was still powerful, but more so then normal. I tried to hide these sides the best i could moving through my life. I stayed in my Sorceress form because i looked normal, and could be normal. When i stumbled along a new person i worked for to earn my keepsake. Captain McSkull. He was a nice pirate man. Always had a lady. But i worked for my keepsake as a cabin girl. He was sort of like a father. Till i learned he really was my father. Moonstar had found where i was one day. She confronted Skull and i. She didnt want to be apart of my life anymore, and she thought i should atleast know the truth. As well as him knowing. Skully brought me up as one of his own. He being my new guardian, the better parent. I now knew it was okay to be different after watching many friends come and go. All different races with all different skills and abilities. I embraced the new race i had become, a shape shifter. I trained and master each form i had and became a greatly skilled fighter.
Height: 5'7
Weapons: 2 thigh strapped daggers, a encrested family staff, and an encrested sword, and throwing poisioned stars
Family: McSkulls.
Gender: Female
Powers: Sorceress Elemental powers, Cat Form ( senses, strength ..etc. ), Demon form ( senses, strength, speed... etc. )

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