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Post  captainmason on 11/23/2011, 7:29 pm

Chapter 1

December 31st, 2666
2300 hours
Washington, D.C.

Fireworks echoed across The National Mall as Americans cheered and watched, filled with awe, at this years fireworks display. Meanwhile, on the other side of D.C., President Richards is about to go to bed, when the phone rings.
"Richards here..."
"Mister president, we need you to get on Air Force One this instant."
"What's going on?!"
"There is no time, you will be briefed on board.You have ten minutes"

Richards got out of bed and proceeded with quickly dressing.Then, he woke his wife and daughter and they all ran to the landing strip. There, they were rushed inside and told an unspeakable truth about to unfold. 601,723 would die without warning.

September 22nd, 2663
1300 hours
The White House

"...just as a precaution against sudden terrorist threats. If they make a move we could take action immediately,"stated the Secretary of Defense, John Sherman
"What if they manage to break in and gain control of the-"in quired the president
"The controls are unlocked by and eye scanner that only the immediate staff are allowed access to,"interjected Sherman.
"...Very well,"stated Sherman as he signed the document.

December 31st, 2666
2400 hours
The National Mall, Washington D.C

The clock struck midnight and the crowd roared.
"Happy-"the crows cheered and suddenly got cut off.There was a blinding flash of light and the trees caught flame,people turned to ashened statues of their previous forms.Their shadows burned into walls and sidewalks. The blast blew apart what was left of the crowd.The washington monument crumbled like tissue paper to the ground. D.C. had just become ground zero and the only thing left was the cloud. The towering inferno. nothing more.nothing less.


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