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Post  Selah on 2/10/2012, 8:58 pm

Greetings. My name is Ashley Cramer Wilson. I was sent to a camp with my twin brother, Ethan Rodger Wilson, at the age of 15. Our 16th birthday was only a few months away, and yet, we were sent... Here... In this strange little place called the Cursed Camp. This camp is full of those who can change into animals, who have special powers such as electricity or ice... Or no power at all, but they are supposed to have them. Normally, kids come to this came at the age of 16. My brother and I were the first to join it at 15. However, we would most likely never get to see the outside world again...

You are probably wondering why we wanted to go to this Camp. Well, I'll ket you in on a little secret. Nobody has ever wanted to come here. Not once. Not ever. It was always by force. You see, around the age of 13 or 14, we start to rebel against our elders. Each and every one of us has tried to run away, only to get smacked across the face by doing so. And then, a couple of years later, our parents must do the impossible: Give up their children to the Cursed Camp because of their extrodinary powers. So we are told to pack our bags, without a single clue of where we are to be going. We get in the car, and our parents speed away. And then we're driving. For a long, long time. 7, 8 hours? Until we finally arrive at the Camp. It had a black iron gate that opened immedietly to us, and englufed us into it's black hole. Our doors were opened, our parents dragging us out, tears filling their eyes and cheeks. They did not want to leave us, but they did. They throw our bags out, shoved us closer inside the camp, got back into the car and drove away. Yes, that is what happened. To every single one of us. And to this day, we all hate our parents.

The cabbins are actually quite nice on the inside. They had two queen sized beds, a nightstand for each bed, lamps, dressers, bean bag chairs, a black couch, and, of course, a full kitchen set to make food and what not. Of course, all of the were-animals could catch food for us, but that isn't the point. On the outside, the cabbin is black with stairs to meet the door, and the door was a normal wood door. On the stairs is a railing, but not like it matters. It breaks and has to be repaired a lot

What sucks is that Ethan and I are not in the same cabbin. There are 20 cabbins, each numbered from 1 to 20. I am in cabbin 13, while Ethan is in cabbin 17. We also have cabbinmates. My cabbinmate is a 17 year old boy named Conner. He's tall, about 6'1, with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. Ethan's cabbinmate is a girl around 16 named Kasey. She has very light brown hair with dark brown eyes. To be honest, the four of them get along great.

Conner can read minds; that is is power. He read my mind on my very first day here, which I shall not repeat until later on. Kasey is a werewolf. She often hunts for the Camp. Ethan's power is electricity. Yes, electricity. But, hold on: My power is ice. How are we compatable? Well, we cancel each other out. When Ethan is angry, I try to calm him down. When I get angry, he does the same for me. We love each other to death, so we don't mind.

I almost forgot, you haven't heard of what my brother and I look like yet. We look very alike. I'm 5'5, with long black hair and ice blue eyes. I'm not very tan, but I'm not super pale, either. Ethan isn't much different. He's around 5'8, with short black spikey hair and ice blue eyes. His skin tone is slightly darker than my own, but not by much.

I would love to stay and chat and tell you more about this Cursed Camp, but I have said too much already. If you wish to find out more about this Camp, then continue on with this. This is a chance like no other. And with that being said...

Hasta Luega.

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